Know Your Jewellery

A) The 4 Cs of a Diamond

1. Cut
2. Clarity
3. Colour
4. Carat

Cut: The cut of a Diamond can impact its value to a great extent. You can consider the cut as the most significant of the four factors. It tells you about the reflective quality and brilliance of the diamond.

Colour: Diamonds are found in nature in many hues. Starting from colourless, they can go up to light yellow or even brown. Colourless diamonds are the rarest and the most desirable ones as well.

Clarity: Most diamonds are known to have natural imperfections in them. The internal imperfections are known as inclusions and the external ones are known as blemishes. These imperfections influence the clarity of a diamond. When you select your diamond, try to get one that is high on the clarity grade. This means it will be low on imperfections.

Carat Weight: The carat refers to the weight measured in metric carats. One carat is equal to 1/5 gram. It is further divided into 100 points. Note that the carat has no impact on the beauty of the diamond, but it can greatly determine its price.

B) Shapes of Diamonds

Shape of a diamond distinguishes the diamond and is very easy to identify.

Diamonds are cut in different shapes that add brilliance, shine and determine the price as well. Round brilliant cuts are the most popular, followed by Princess cut. Round cuts are most popular as they are classic and versatile which will blend in easily with any other jewellery and clothing that you wear.