Jewellery Caring Guide

Gold Jewellery Care

  • If you’ve noticed your gold rings are showing signs of wear and tear, it might be worthwhile polishing them. This will remove scratches and dents, and bring back their shine.
  • Remove gold jewellery before you take a shower, which will minimize soap build-up and prevent a layer of film from forming.
  • Store gold jewellery in an organized jewellery box with compartments for each item. This will protect your gold jewellery from other pieces which might rub against or scratch them. Wrapping each gold jewellery item in a soft cloth will add an extra layer of protection.
  • Get ready first, and then put on your jewellery. First apply lotions, perfumes, hairspray, makeup and any other liquids or lotions. Once ready, put your jewellery on. This routine will prevent your gold jewellery from exposure to residue and particles that build up and cause damage.
  • Keep gold jewellery away from hard surfaces. As you know, gold is soft, so you’ll want to take care to avoid knocking or bumping gold items against hard surfaces and counters which can scratch your jewellery.
  • How to make gold shine: For an extra layer of sparkle, use a polishing cloth or jewellery cleaner specifically designed for gold jewellery.

Caring for your Diamonds

It’s important that you take extra care with your diamonds. Be conscious of your surroundings, and think about where you're going to wear your jewellery. Although they are a hard substance, they can chip. For example, you should never wear your diamond if you’re doing rough work, or are at the gym. If you’re heading for the pool, remove your diamonds, as the chlorine in some swimming pools can damage your ring.

Looking after your Jewellery


Looking after your Jewellery, regular cleaning and maintenance will prolong the life of your jewellery. Whether you have a pearl ring, or pair of diamond earrings, we’ve provided some helpful tips when it comes to looking after these prized possessions


Solution of warm water, detergent and some cloudy ammonia, then letting the diamonds soak. Next, using a soft toothbrush, gently brush the jewellery to remove any remaining dirt. We suggest doing this once or twice a week. It’s important you have your jewellery professionally cleaned and looked over once a year. In particular, if you own fine jewellery, getting it serviced from time to time will ensure it lasts. A professional can advise you on rhodium plating and claw re-tipping.


When maintaining your pearls, it’s important that you keep them separate from other jewellery. We suggest storing the pearls in a soft cloth bag or a leather pouch to ensure they don’t scrape, scratch or damage. They should also be wiped clean after each use with a soft cloth. It’s crucial that you do not use detergent or liquids to clean your pearls - this will affect the natural elements within.

Pearls shouldn’t be cleaned at home, it’s important that are only cleaned by a professional. Put your pearls on right before you leave the house as any sort of substance may affect their composition and lustre.

General Tips:

If the tips of the claws are wearing out, thinning on the top or your diamonds have fallen out, you should look at getting your claws re-tipped. Antique jewellery should be checked due to age, and Rose Gold should be checked frequently as it will wear quicker than other metals. We suggest bringing your rings in every 12-18 months to check the claws. Some telling signs are: Claws look visually smaller or are lifted. Lifted claws are easy to recognize as they’ll start catching on your clothes.

All Other Jewellery

All your jewellery, no matter the composition, should be cleaned regularly to ensure they remain as beautiful as the first time you saw them.

Gemstone caring guide:

  • Clean your gemstone jewellery with warm water and gentle soap.
  • Do not soak your pearls, corals or turquoise jewellery in water.
  • Humidity and moisture is the enemy.
  • Don’t wear your jewellery while swimming, in the shower or at the gym.
  • Your gemstones aren’t perfume-friendly or lotion-friendly. So apply them first, and wear your jewellery after they settle into your skin.
  • Don’t forget to restring your pearls every other year or so.